Weights & Balances (Year 5 Issue 45) July 11, 2018

July 11 2018 Year 5 Issue 45


Dog Facts and Living with Them (dogs)

Last year, after living in my own place for over 17.5 years, I decided to sell and make a joint purchase.  My mother and I wanted to pool our resources and purchase something together.  I discovered that there were a few things I never knew how highly I valued them, my privacy, my space and my independence.   When I sold my place, I came along with my 17.5 years of collected items and an energetic almost six-year-old yellow lab named Sunny.  As a child, I did not have pets so my mother has never been in the house with a dog before this experience.  She grew up on a farm where all animals were outside animals.  This one adjustment alone would provide many moments of extreme tensions between my mother and I.

Dogs  Shed(Especially Labs) One of the first things my mother had issue no matter how much we train them or bathe them they are still a dog and smell like a wet dog when wet.  You can place the food in a dog-feeding bowl but the dog will often remove it and put it on a surface so he can eat on his own terms.  Shedding is inevitable.  Labs shed, period.  People shed too just not as much.  However, you know all that dust on your furniture; it is from human and pet skin shedding.

Dogs lick their butts, another dog fact.  We might find it disgusting but they do it for a few reasons.  Dogs’ anal glands get full and need cleaning out at the vet’s office.  If they are not cleaned out, it beings to itch them like crazy.  Therefore, they lick to try to stop the itching.  Gross, but true.  Best advice, every 8-10 weeks take Fido to the vet and get those glands expressed.

Dogs are messy eaters.  You might put the food into a bowl but some dogs will take the food out of the bowl and carry it to another location in your home to eat.  In addition, other dogs will take the food out of the bowl and unceremoniously drop it on the floor to begin eating.  Dogs are not fussy about their food many times.  You have two choices; one can constantly clean up behind them or once a day clean up, your choice since you know this about your dog.

Dogs want/need attention.  Dogs generally do not understand that you are busy and cannot take time to play right then.  Dogs will try other methods to get your attention either by acting like they have been set on fire and have to stop drop and roll, barking at you, or the more subtle I will stare at you until you pet me.  Then there are the dogs who will keep scooting closer and closer to you and put their head on your lap and on top of the paper you are reading and force you to at least look at them.  They have the most pitiful looks on their cute doggie faces and you cannot help but laugh, stop, and give them a pet or two!  Mine will even go off and pout if all else fails.

Dogs bark aka Dogs can be moody too.  Not only can dogs pout, they can be moody too.  They can “voice” an objection when you least expect it and will keep on objecting until you give them an answer or resolution they are seek.  This can be very frustrating when you are getting ready to leave for work in the morning.  Usually, it ends up being “I do not want you to go!” or “Take me too!”