Weights and Balances (Year 5 Issue 48) August 1, 2018

August 1 2018 Year 5 Issue 48


Weights and Balances (Year 5 Issue 30) March 28, 2018

Mar 28 2018 Year 5 Issue 30

The Positive and Unexpected Results of Weight Loss

Having a dramatic weight loss one might think that the after is all hearts and flowers….not so fast!  There are definitely lots of upsides but there are also some unexpected side effects of weight loss.

The Upsides of Weight Loss

Let’s list a few of the very positive side effects of weight loss and in my opinion the “ups” definitely outweigh the “downs”

  • You can reverse Brain Damage by losing excess fat. Obese people are 35% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s compared to people of normal weight.
  • You might need new shoes. Yes, your feet lose weight too!
  • You might notice an increased attention span, a better memory and the ability to focus better.
  • Many health risks for serious diseases such as heart disease, and diabetes are greatly reduced. Breast and ovarian cancer risk is also greatly reduced.
  • Your joints do not have to work as hard and those knees might just stop hurting and you might not need that knee replacement surgery after all.
  • You see fat shamming in a whole new light.
  • Your energy levels will skyrocket and the overall sense of wellbeing can improve.
  • You might get a raise as research has shown that people of a normal weight make more than those who are overweight or obese.
  • You might be able to toss your meds! Weight loss can decrease you need for insulin, high blood pressure medicine and acid reflux.

Some Unexpected Side Effects of Weight Loss:

One of the constant reminders of weight loss that I have is that I am constantly cold.  That is a small price to pay for greater health in my opinion.

  • Your Cortisol levels might raise because losing weight stresses your body and because of this you need for more rest to stay healthy.
  • You might feel cold all the time; I know I do!
  • You might need to Re-size your rings; your fingers lose weight too!
  • You might experience the same size challenges you used to have but now they are in smaller sizes. Might still have to buy one size pants and another size top as your body shape doesn’t change to drastically.
  • Clothing options might seem scary when you aren’t use to wearing certain types of clothing. For me it was a huge step for me to pair leggings and tunics but I love them now! Skinny jeans, well I am still trying to appreciate them. LOL
  • You could develop Gallstones/Gall Bladder disease. The drastic cutting down of the amount of fat in your diet can lead to the formation of gallstones and lead to hair loss.
  • Fast weight loss by crash/fad diets can lead to poor Nutrition/malnutrition which can lead to heart, kidney and liver failure and research has shown that losing weight by drastic methods such as those touted on “The Biggest Loser” can wreck your metabolic rate that might not ever recover. Along with having hormonal changes and imbalances.
  • You can often suffer from dehydration. Keep drinking your water!

The positives far outweigh the negatives but be prepared for some unexpected changes!