Weights and Balances (Year 4 Issue 2) June 8, 2016

June 8 2016

Weights and Balances (Year 3 Issue 41) March 9, 2016

WB Mar 9 2016

Weights and Balances (Year 3 Issue 31) December 30, 2015

December 30 2015

Scale Wars: The Dark Side of Eating

I haven’t seen the new Star Wars movie as of today, but I think the firestorm of heated criticism of the new Weight Watchers Program Beyond the Scale (SmartPoints) could compare with StormTroopers trying to defeat rebel forces (that is the theme of all the past movies).  In my version of Star Wars I see the Weight Watcher Program as the “good” guys (rebels) and the Weight Watchers members are Stormtroopers who are moving at the command of “Lord Dark Fatty Sugar Vader.”   A bit harsh? Maybe but bottom line it is true.

All of us good little sugar and fat stormtroopers (myself included) are so yes I will use the word “addicted” to “dark side” of eating that we are reduced to helpless screaming two-year olds when we are told “no” that isn’t good for us! While we have known it for a long time, Weight Watchers has in the past played the role of the endearing/enabling Grandparent who loves to spoil the grandkids with those sugary fatty treats.  Even Weight Watchers are reconfiguring their products (to some degree) to make them more compatible with the new program.

We all know junk foods are formulated to make us addicted to them.  Manufacturers spend billions of dollars on junk food science to manipulate us into eating their products.  But yet we willing to continue to eat these chemically altered foods designed to enslave us to sugars and saturated fats.  We have to break the cycle of depending on these types of foods not only for our health but for the sake of the generation to follow.  Be an example to your children, grandchildren, students, friends and anyone, break the sugar/fat cycle!

What can you do to lessen your eating on the dark side?

I found this great article called “Sugar Addiction Escape Plan”  that give ten steps (yes, that might sound like something else) to help free yourself from sugar addiction.

Lord Fat Sugar Vader

Weight Watchers – Beyond the Scale (Part 3) Routine

I am now on day 3 of the new SmartPoints plan and all has gone fairly smoothly.  I did all my normal cooking/prep work for food this week yesterday.  I boiled 14 eggs, washed and bagged carrots, grapes, cucumbers, apples and bananas and made two huge pots of pasta e fagioli soup.  I re-worked the points for a few of my recipes to make sure they are SmartPoints compliant and read the new program materials again.

On a normal work week, I have my banana, apples, cucumbers, carrots and grapes for my daily snacks along with two hard-boiled eggs.  I entered my normal two hard-boiled eggs and found out they had gone from four points for two eggs to five points for two eggs.  I can live with that one point increase.  I will be having my bowl (1.5 cups) of pasta e fagioli soup for lunch for four points.  It went up one point, again, I can live with that unlike its inspiration the Olive Garden Pasta e Fagioli is now SIX points per bowl! OUCH!  Last week I made a double batch of corn chili pepper muffins and I will have one double muffin (maybe) with my soup for an additional four points or I might opt for a bagel thin since they stayed the same points wise.

It is interesting how my perspective has changed about the new program in the last week.  I was very apprehensive and fearful this time last week and now I am like this is no big deal and not that big of a change for me food wise.  The e-tools and phone app are still having issues and I am missing data but I was told today they are still in the process of moving my account and to give them a bit more time.

Many of my online Weight Watchers friends have refused to move to the new program.  They have to do what they feel is right for them but I do hope they will take a deep breath, read more about it and give it a try for a month or so to see how it works.  I know there are a few people who have zero interest in changing how they are eating but yet want to lose weight. I hope that in time they will realize that perhaps some of their current food choices are holding the back from reaching their weight loss goals or returning to their goal weight.

We are creatures of habit and if there is a disruption of routine it can throw us off-balance.  The new program is a huge disruption of routine for many and a minor hiccup for some of us.  I urge everyone to keep an open mind about the new changes.  I suspect people will have more weight loss success following the new program.  Why do I say that? I feel the new approach is what I have been doing myself for a while.  I feel I have been very successful with the program (lost a total of 136 pounds) and this approach will work if you work it honestly! I didn’t begin making low point choices, but I slowly migrated to more and more healthy choices and gravitated away from foods high in fats and sugar.  Those types of foods are the exact foods Weight Watchers are hoping that we will more closely examine  and decided if they are worthy of being included in our daily food choices.  There are no “forbidden or off-limit” foods but the higher point values should help you to be more mindful before making that choice!  Smart move Weight Watchers! Bravo and kudos!

I saw the meme online and feel it really sums up the changes to the program very nicely!  The two approaches are hand and glove.  You have to control not only how much you eat but what you chose to eat as well. But in all fairness I learned what to eat on PointsPlus and that is why I am not having many issues with the new program.

PP vs SP

Weights and Balances (Year 3 Issue 19) October 7, 2015

October 7 2015

Weight Loss and Marriage: The Schow’s from Alpine, Utah

Weight loss can affect every relationship in your life, from even the most casual acquaintances, to best friends, to co-workers, family members and even spouses. The effects can be positive or negative.  I feel blessed in that I feel my weight loss has not come between me and my friends, acquaintances or co-workers or family.  It has opened doors of conversation that were not present prior to my weight loss.  I feel it has enhanced most relationships and added new dimensions to others.    This isn’t always the case.  Some that I know have lost best friends and even spouses over their weight loss.

Elizabeth Bernstein, who writes the Bonds Column for the Wall Street Journal,  looked closely at the effects of weight loss on marriage relationships.  The Schow’s are one of her case studies.

Jarom and Betsy Schow have been married for over 12 years and their biggest marriage/relationship conflict was centered around Betsy’s weight.  But the Schow’s marriage improved in the face of the wife’s weight loss.  Weight is a difficult subject in any relationship and even rougher in a marriage. Jarom had often said things to Betsy like “That’s not made for your size, Sweetheart” in an effort to get her to change her outfit.   Yes there were arguments, many.  Betsy stopped going to family dinners with Jarom and slept in separate bedrooms. She obsessed about her weight but nothing changed.

A turning point came one night after Betsy threatened divorce and didn’t leave but she kept on obsessing about her weight.   Jarom felt if he could calm her down and get her to feeling better they could work toward a resolution.  One night her husband quietly said to her as she was talking obsessively about her weight yet again “Turn off your thinker and go back to sleep.”  This seemed to change things for Betsy, she stopped extreme dieting and instead focused on watching her portions and getting some exercise. She even began to take up running in time.  After she lost 75 pounds, they began hiking and biking together.  Betsy noticed that her excess weight wasn’t a focus point in their marriage any longer.  She felt she had made the issue bigger than it needed to be and Jarom and Betsy, together, they felt they had been given an opportunity to change the discussion. Before they were in an endless loop of ‘I am fat.’ ‘No, you aren’t” and now they could discuss things from a much more calm place.   Mrs. Schow stated, “As I started to fix myself, I stopped fighting myself, so I stopped fighting him, too.”

 We can improve our relationships with others by leaps and bounds if we become encouragers instead of critics.
Joyce Meyer


Love 17

Cheating Ourselves

How do we cheat ourselves?  Others cheat us surely we would never cheat ourselves!!!
We often cheat ourselves when we are not honest with what we are eating and what we are doing.  We would never lie to others but we often lie to ourselves.   We climb on the scale to see something we are not happy with and our first response is “BUT I ate all the right things, I stayed within my points…….”  Did you?  Really?
Check yourself and see if during the last week you might be guilty of…

  • Not measuring our portions
  • Not weighing our foods
  • Not tracking our snacks
  • Not tracking our meals
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Not getting in the healthy food checks
  • Not exercising/moving each day
  • Not choosing to be happy and focus on the positive things in our life
  • Not being accountable
  • Not being honest with myself (you will not lie to others but you will lie to yourself)

Self-Honesty is another foundation of leading a healthier lifestyle.  You might choose to enter that huge chocolate fudge brownie, that extra bite of potatoes, that sip of a milk shake, that extra handful of nuts but in the end your body knows exactly what you did and will respond accordingly.  Ignoring that you skipped all your workouts this week will not make the truth go away nor will it help you with that extra indulgence you had at lunch today.  If it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen but if it happened, it happened and your body keeps a very accurate record even if you do not or do not choose to!

Remember, the only person you are hurting by ignoring or refusing to acknowledge your lack of activity or over indulgence in holiday candy is yourself.  When you climb on that scale, you end up frustrated and just can’t understand why you didn’t lose anything this past week or why you gained two pounds ask yourself if you tracked every lick, nibble, sip, and bite during the last week and how much activity you did each day.

For example, I went to battle with some holiday candy last night and some of it won and most of it got tossed into the garbage!  Will I expect to lose this week, probably not, but I can say I did up my activity over this last week so I am hoping that might balance out my candy indulgence last night.   And if I end up gaining, it is my own fault for not tossing that candy into to trash sooner! (and even for buying it to begin with!)

Honesty 1