Losing Weight is like Pulling Teeth…NOT!…Well…….kind of!

I recently had to have a tooth extracted and it made me think of the expression “that is like pulling teeth”  and I thought is losing weight like pulling teeth…no…yes….sort of!

Before having a tooth extracted usually you have gone to heroic measures to save a tooth.  In my case, I had a root canal and over the course of many years two crowns.  That was costly!  Gaining weight is costly as well.  Yes the obvious, it costs your health but it cost your pocket-book too!  You have to keep buying larger and larger clothes, shoes, getting jewelry re-sized to fit, etc.

I started having reoccurring gum infections and though nothing showed up on the x-ray that was “wrong” with the tooth.  I was having gum inflammations and I chose to rinse more but they were still happening.  Before losing weight, my shoes were often uncomfortable and too tight and I assumed my feet were just swollen a little that day.  Wrong, my feet had gained weight too and my fingers!  You gain weight all over even your scalp nothing escapes gaining weight.

The last gum infection sent me to the dentist in search of answers and antibiotics. I was in pain one night that if I could have put my hands on pliers I would have considered extracting the tooth myself!  Another x-ray showed nothing wrong with the tooth but when compared to a previous x-ray from March it showed a great deal of bone loss.  The dentist concluded there must be a crack in the tooth which does not show on the x-ray and the tooth needed to come out.  I was told that I could always have an implant to replace the tooth or a 3-unit bridge.  My mind did not want to hear extraction but it did.  I knew I had to do something.  Just like in January when I had to energy and wanted to sleep all the time, I knew I had to do something to change things because this path was not a good path.

The extraction took only maybe five minutes but the numbing prior and the after care last quite a while.  Getting your mind set and ready to lose weight is like the preparation for the tooth extraction.  You have to be given a local anesthetic so you are not able to feel the pain.   Your mind has to be set so you are not easy to give up or quit when it gets harder or you hit a plateau.

I found out soft cool foods were the only foods I could eat for a couple of days and could not use straws to drink out of.   When I got home from the extraction, I had to start cooking/preparing soft foods that I could eat.  I had to put on my thinking cap on what would be good tasty soft foods that I would want to eat.    In weight loss, the time it takes to lose weight is small in relation to the time you have to take to maintain your results.  Eating the right foods is the major part of the equation of weight loss.  You should be thinking and planning what you are going to eat just like I had to after the extraction.  The more planning and thought you put into what you are eating, the better your results will be.

Brushing and flossing your teeth is a daily maintenance for your teeth, while eating properly and exercising is your daily weight maintenance.  Be kind to yourself and your body!! Do your daily weight maintenance!

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