The Post-Hurricane Irma Frustration – 2017

I wrote this over a year ago and never got around to sending it.

I think the hardest thing at this stage is wanting my “regular” routine back.  I want to get back to “normal” and that is hard as so many  I know do not have power, water or plumbing!  And the biggie in FL is power as we need the AC in 90 degree plus heat!

To relieve my stress during the storm I did what I could and posted weather updates online and power outage updates.  This kept me busy and appealed to my “geek/nerd” side.  I have always liked learning and knowing about “weather” so I had to let this side take over along with my spiritual side to keep me mostly at peace.

I was stressed out though.  So I did what probably the whole state of Florida was doing at some point during the storm.  I stress ate lots of salty snacks!  I thought I would have it under control and not end up stress eating but I did.  I went back to work on Wednesday and my pants are a little snugger so I know I did some damage.  Yesterday and today it is back to drinking lost more water, eating good fruits and vegetables and trying to avoid anything salty!  Salty was my downfall.  Pretzels and oven-baked Cheetos, almonds and pecans.  That I will remember as hurricane Irma Stress Mix! The only thing missing was M&Ms but thankfully I had none in the house or I am sure I would have eaten those too!

My weigh in day is on Saturday mornings and I am not looking forward to seeing the scale at all!

I survived the weigh in and life did return to normal.  But now sitting in Florida over a year later and knowing in contract the devastation that Hurricane Michael did to the Panhandle of Florida and Georgia, my ramblings from a year ago seems so whiny in retrospect.  At least I had a house to live in, a roof over my head and I was still living.  I cannot imagine coping with the total devastation such as in Mexico Beach, FL.  We all need to do whatever we can to assist/help, etc.




Hello Blog World, part deux!

I started blogging on September 9, 2013 at the suggestion of a friend who knew I was in the middle of a major lifestyle/health change and it has been a great tool and a lot of fun too!

Now four years later I am still blogging and we are in the midst of awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irma.  Not much of a day to get out and celebrate, everything is closed, rightfully so.  So while I still have power I am putting out this little post.


Getting ready for a hurricane is no fun at all.



In Tampa Bay we were spared as compared to other parts of the state.  Feeling blessed and thankful to God that most everyone I know is safe and well.  Continued prayers for those in the Keys, Naples/Venice, Jax, GA and other Polk County to the east of us who in our area took a very hard hit!

Hurricane Irma Thoughts

Living in Tampa, Florida for over 30 years, I have seen storms come and go but I have not witnessed such collective concern over an impending storm.  Hurricane Harvey seemed to been the “wake up call” that Floridians needed to take approaching storms more seriously.  But, has there ever been an “Irma” threatening the state?  In reality, not really but Hurricane Andrew ravished Homestead and other areas of Florida in August 1992.   This are photos post Andrew and Irma is slated to be far more destructive than Andrew.  (from the weather channel)  It is difficult to imagine anything more destructive but looks like that is what we are facing now.

An aerial view of Dade County, Florida published on August 24, 1992, showing damage from Hurricane Andrew, a category 5 hurricane which devastated the state in 1992, and one of the most destructive hurricanes in the history of the United States. Hurricane Andrew did extensive damage to homes in South Florida, leaving little behind in its wake. One million people were evacuated and 54 died in this hurricane. Hurricane Irma, which is headed towards South Florida, is slated to cause more damage than Andrew. (Credit: Bob Epstein, FEMA News Photo)  Uneven damage pattern in Lakes by the Bay development in the greater Miami area after Hurricane Andrew. August 1992. Hurricane Andrew did extensive damage to homes in South Florida, leaving little behind in its wake. One million people were evacuated and 54 died in this hurricane. Hurricane Irma, which is headed towards South Florida, is slated to cause more damage than Andrew. (Credit: NOAA Photo Library)

Florida Governor Scott has closed all schools, universities and state offices until at least Tuesday, September 12, 2017 and maybe longer depending on what happens between Saturday and Monday evenings.  People are crowding highways and toll roads trying to escape South Florida where landfall is predicted to happen sometime early on Sunday morning.  With a storm 500 miles wide and the whole state of Florida only 361 miles wide and 447 miles long everyone in the state are expected to be affected to some degree or another.  Whether wind or rain, Irma will be affecting everywhere and just a tiny variation of ten or twenty miles in the path of the storm east or west will mean major differences in what you will see feel or experience.

Most are filling up their gas tanks, purchasing water, batteries, generators, filling sandbags and other non-perishable foods.  There are many tips on storm preparations which are being shared in social media and people are posting where to find the necessary items.  Neighbors helping neighbors, this is what makes America great and Floridians special.  This morning when I was out walking my dog, a stranger came by with his car window down and bid me to stay safe during the storm and wished me good luck.  There is a difference in Florida a good difference overall.  Yes, there are hoarders and those who are rude and do not care about their fellow mankind but those are fewer in number.  Irma seems to be teaching us that all lives matter, skin color is irrelevant, your immigration status, your political party affiliation or your political philosophies are not important in the big picture as we facing the effects of Irma. If people could only feel that way all the time with no potential crisis before them!

Be kind.  Be safe.  Be prepared. Be Smart. Pray.