Hello Blog World, part deux!

I started blogging on September 9, 2013 at the suggestion of a friend who knew I was in the middle of a major lifestyle/health change and it has been a great tool and a lot of fun too!

Now four years later I am still blogging and we are in the midst of awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irma.  Not much of a day to get out and celebrate, everything is closed, rightfully so.  So while I still have power I am putting out this little post.


Getting ready for a hurricane is no fun at all.



In Tampa Bay we were spared as compared to other parts of the state.  Feeling blessed and thankful to God that most everyone I know is safe and well.  Continued prayers for those in the Keys, Naples/Venice, Jax, GA and other Polk County to the east of us who in our area took a very hard hit!