Weights and Balances (Year 4 Issue 51) May 17, 2017

May 17 2017 Year 4 Issue 51


The Benefits of Routine for Adults

Supplement Material to the Weights and Balances Newsletter,  August 3, 2016 on “The Importance of Routines”

The Benefits of Changing up your Routine

Having an order (routine) to what you do when you do it provides direction.  Upgrading our routines is something we constantly need to be doing. Sticking to something in one area of your life can help you build up your routine while keeping and developing skills in other areas.

How do you know when it is time to change your routine?

  • You are bored and find yourself constantly wondering what to do with your time.
  • You  do not feel inspired and feel like you are in a rut.
  • You don’t feel your weeks are productive even though you feel you have been very busy but cannot see any results of all of your busy-ness.
  • You feel something is missing in your life and do not feel any sense of fulfillment in your life or do not feel any sense of satisfaction.
  • You feel a need to monitor your goals to see how they are doing on a consistent basis. Your daily routine is not enough to propel you toward accomplishing them. (Do you feel you have to weigh yourself every day?)
  • You see your daily chores  more like work or obligation instead of becoming inspired.
  • You feel that what you are doing on a daily basis is not what you would be doing if you had your way with life.
  • You do not feel you have any real lasting energy and feel tired easily without having done anything tangible.

Examples of the Benefits of Routines and the ways Good Routines can help you in other areas of your life.

  • Set up your home space with healthy foods.  Eating healthy will always make you feel better.
  • A Daily Walk will give you energy to carry you through the day.
  • It always helps to be accountable and have someone who you can practice your accountability.
  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy/girl.  You should always make time to take breaks.  They refresh your mind and increase your creativity!
  • You feel that you have no real social life.
  • Having routines help you take charge of your activities.
  • Routines help you to learn to “look forward” and not just focus on the moment.
  • Having routines help you improve your rest.
  • Routines help you maintain consistency in expectations.
  • Routines help take decision-making out of the process and decreases stress.
  • Routines help make actions automatic.  For example, like getting dressed to go out for a morning workout.  You do not have to think  about getting dressed in the mornings when your clothes are ready!
  • Routines save time.  I pick out my clothes for the week so I do not have to spend time looking for something to wear each morning, this saves me lots of time!
  • Routines help build good habits.  Such as brushing your teeth twice a day; taking time to floss, etc.
  • Routines help increase your efficiency.  You can get a lot done in a short period of time when you automatically do some things.
  • Routines help negate the need for willpower and motivation.  You automatically just “do” no thinking needed.  You do because it is what you do!
  • Routines help you build momentum.  They help you work toward your goals and if they are not helping you reach your goals, it is time to change things up!
  • Routines help you become good at things because you are doing some things automatically you learn how to become better at them.
  • Routines help you get things done such as; making the bed, sorting and putting away the laundry, tidying up the kitchen, sorting  mail, taking out the trash and weeding through your email.
  • A good routine to have is to maintain a food journal.  This helps you become more mindful of what you are eating.
  • An excellent routine to begin is to either medicate/pray for 5 minutes.  Quieting your mind helps you to combat stress and be more relaxed.
  • Starting your day by reading inspirational passages help keep your mind on a more positive place and can help you have a better day.
  • Creating  a most important task list can assist you in getting those things done and give you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Routines will help improve your mental health by giving you a sense of order and accomplishment.
  • Routines will enable you to have more time to relax by saving you time!
  • Routines will assist you in breaking bad habits by replacing bad habits with new good ones!
  • Routines will allow you to be in charge of how your day goes by setting the tone for the day.
  • Routines will help you stop procrastinating as you will be automatically doing some things you ignored in the past!
  • Routines enable you to rest/sleep sounder because you have a peace of mind, purpose  and a sense of accomplishment when you go to sleep.
  • Routines helps alleviate stress and anxiety since you are busy doing what you need to do and not exerting extra mental energy trying to motivate yourself to do something!
  • Routines promote increased feelings of safety, security and stability through the comfort of repetition.
  • Routines help build your self-confidence as you complete each task that is part of your routine.
  • Routines are your anchors in times of crisis  because when everything seems out of sorts your routine helps bring you back to center focus.
  • Routines prepare you to take on more responsibility as your confidence boosted by your personal sense of accomplishment is increased, you feel ready!
  • Routines can lead to better self-esteem though building your confidence and sense of security and stability in your life.
  • Routines can add joy to your life through appreciating the little things that are part of your daily routine.
  • Routines help increase creativity because of freeing your mind from anxiety and worry you can focus on other things.

What do you do with your time? Are you participating in empowering routines every day?  Are your routines helping you accomplish your goals?  Have you found your routines to be empowering and time-saving?

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