Getting over the Insanity


They say this is the definition of insanity or craziness.  I say it is how we get results but let’s add a twist to this. This should be clarified a bit more “doing the same things in the same way over and expecting different results” THAT is true insanity and craziness in weight loss.  There are things we need to do over and over to achieve results but sometimes if the results are not happening we need to find new ways of doing those things.

For example, if we know we need to drink eight cups of water a day but hate water, we might find a new way to get those eight cups in us!  This has finally come home to roost for me.  I have been moving, I have been tracking, I have been doing all the surface things but I needed to go deeper.  I not only need to check off that I had five fruits and vegetables for the day but how many actual servings I was eating?  For that, I needed to weigh and measure to be accurate!  Things had gotten out of hand.

One of the mental traps of Weight Watchers Freestyle for me has been the increased amount of “zero” point foods which I was eating already when they had points.  Something in my head went “blank” “snapped” “took a hike” when I heard zero points and almost instantly INCREASED the amounts of these foods I was consuming!  I used to eat an egg and occasionally two but now I was consuming three or four! Any wonder my weight began to creep up? It was all simple math. Eating too much without enough exercise equals weight “creep.” I kept thinking I am tracking all the points foods BUT you do not have to track the zero point foods.  This is for me was a downfall.

I have gone back to tracking everything (including zero point foods) and in time I have seen and realized I am eating more than when I was happily maintaining my weight loss!  Tracking everything including the portion size has been a HUGE wake up call for me.  Back to ONE hard-boiled egg for a snack, ONE banana for a snack, 3-4 oz chicken breast and NOT 6-8 oz chicken breast!  Just like I have always said nothing is FREE and the same goes for ZERO point foods!

I hope one of the new changes coming would be a guide of zero point foods with their correct portion sizes and maybe a new wrinkle of if you eat more than one portion at one meal/time it becomes counted as POINTS!  (I am probably dreaming here but it would help many who were happily maintaining before the advent of Freestyle!) I have suggested to Weight Watchers they need a separate Lifetime Program with more education on nutrition and better point guidelines, etc.  I have the next great thing ready come on Weight Watchers expand and help your long-term members.  But I forget one thing, if you are maintaining, you are not paying on a regular basis.  The bottom–line does “weigh in” to this equation I am sure!  Let’s created Weight Watchers BEYOND for those who have achieved their goal weight and are trying to maintain 🙂

OK off my soapbox for now!




Weight Watchers: Paying Again

One Saturday morning, part art of me wanted to avoid weighing in at the weekly Weight Watchers Meeting.  I suspected I was over goal but then I knew I needed to “face the music” and own what I had done.  It was time to begin ‘undoing’ what I had done.   I have been paying weekly again for a month and it is not something I intend continuing for much longer.  Funny how 2.8 pounds can be gained in a week but it takes a month or so to get it off!

I started writing this entry (paragraph above)  in early June and here it is July and I am still paying but only .4 from being “free” again.  My body is fighting me, but I am fighting harder and more consistently now!  I will get back to where I need to be!  This has been a major disappointment for me and I have had to stop my toxic thinking and get back on track.

Back in February I had penned an entry about diet fatigue and that was coming from my heart.  And I had a hard time fighting out of that rut but feel I am back 100% writing and feeling good about my direction.

I did not feel very good about my direction back in late May/June.  I felt like a total failure as I had gained over two pounds (3.8 lbs. to be exact) above my goal and had to return to paying again.  I felt so bad and humiliated and embarrassed that I had let this happen.  The one positive thing I can say about this is that it bothered me to be 3.8 pounds over goal and I did not let it get to a much larger number.  I know this thinking stems from my old perfectionist thinking and I had to squish this quickly.   That old toxic thinking pattern could have easily gotten me to give up and I could be sitting here with 38 pounds over goal instead of being a point four from the free window.

It took me getting back to writing to get my head back on straight.  I saw through my writing that  I was choosing to blame externals for what I was not doing; I let excuses get in my way!  That is so easy to have happen!  I have been reminded of my favorite saying through my journey.  “Never trade what you want at the moment for the thing that you want the most.”  This applies to anything that is getting in our way of accomplishing whatever we are seeking to accomplish in our lives and not just weight loss!  Taking the “easy” way out is a very bad habit.  We need to banish this habit from our lives in every aspect period!

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Beginning Maintenance: A New Mental Challenge

After spending almost 18 months being totally focused on losing weight and getting healthy, you reach your goal and are now in the six week period called “maintenance.”  One minute you step on the scale thrilled at your loss and then in a flash you are thrust into the world of “lose no more” and “accept you are now a  healthy weight!”  Talk about a dynamic shift!

After 3 weeks, I am still trying to wrap my head around these things.  Along with this period of maintenance you are told “time to eat more.”  WHAT?????  Eat more??? My mind keeps saying eat less, eat less! War has been declared between my ears!

My first week on maintenance, I forgot to add back any points and found myself down 3.2 lbs at weigh in.  Ut oh!  The second week I added 2pp per day back to my daily allowance and found myself down yet again.  Here I am 4.8 pounds UNDER goal when I am not supposed to be losing anymore and I am supposed to be within 2 pounds of my goal! If you are within 2 pounds of your goal after six weeks you are awarded lifetime!  This is every Weight Watcher’s ultimate goal, to reach lifetime!

I see the wisdom in the six week maintenance period.  There are so many shifts, both physical and mental that you need to make during this time that six weeks gives you adequate time to try to make this transition gracefully.  The first two weeks I feel as graceful as a turtle balancing on a high wire over a pit of alligators!

This third week I am adding the rest of the six point total back to my daily point allowance.  This is so right but feels still so wrong!  I now have a 32 daily points plus allowance.  I find myself thinking the last time I had that many points a day, I still had 100 pounds to lose!  This can’t be right!

Right or wrong (and it is right!) I am almost half-way through maintenance and still have not hit my “balance” yet; but hoping things will be good at WI on Saturday 🙂


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