Weight Watcher’s Beyond the Scale — Part 1(Pre-Program Impressions)

“The biggest change in 50 years”  that is what the advertising says and while that is very exciting  to those just beginning the Weight Watchers Lifestyle it spreads panic and mass hysteria among the already existing long-term members.  The questions/reactions were “Why do I need to change? It has been working so far!”  “I have been losing weight why do I need to change?” “I don’t like the new program!” (said before it even launched!) “I  do not think this new program will work for me, I am going to keep doing the old program!” (said too before they have really lived the program even 7 days) “This new program isn’t going to work for me!” (also said before they had even tried the program)  All of these reactions/statements were based on rumors mostly and very little fact.

The rumors that have been spreading online are scary and members reactions to the rumors are even worse than scary!  To see adults who have been successful with the Weight Watchers Program become screaming toddlers who renounce every change possible has been both sad and amusing at the same time.  I was the first one to scream like a banshee when the online e-tools and phone ap when awry in the migration from the old program to the new.  I did not like the technology suddenly not working, I felt: hurt, betrayed, deserted, scared  and left behind.  I was very vocal to Weight Watchers via Facebook and online feedback forms about them “breaking” e-tools.  I probably sounded like a two-year old who needed a nap but I needed the e-tools to work!

I had to put myself  in check (aka an attitude adjustment) by returning back to the “basics and roots” I had learned years ago.  I resorted to the “ancient” but effective method of tracking via pencil and paper. Good thing I had purchased two 3 month tracking journals!   Nice though in hindsight that I can still track on paper and it works!  In fact, that week I lost 2.6 pounds tracking on paper!  A good reminder that you do not need technology to lose weight! We forget that sometimes, often, okay–a lot.

Listening to the rumors and other members posting on-line I am steeled for my regular Saturday morning meeting to be not the most positive environment and to hear lots of venting and protesting the new changes.  We dislike, umm ok HATE would be the better description for the new meeting room chair arrangement but have reduced our banter down to joking every time we come in and see a new chair arrangement.  We crack lots of jokes about Oprah having a huge studio and how that arrangement works better in a large area but our meeting center isn’t that large.  We joke ok what is Oprah wanting us to do this week? I feel pretty sure that Oprah had nothing to do with our new seat arrangements but it makes for giggles at 8am on a Saturday morning when everyone there would have loved to have slept in but are choosing to be there instead. BRAVO for us, even though we do complain sometimes,  ok a lot, but we do have fun and enjoyable meetings.  We are a very interactive group, sometimes way too interactive for our own good.  We like each other , have a good time and share our struggles and victories.  That is what it is all about right, sharing and caring?  We had the camaraderie/bonding part of Weight Watchers down pat a long time before they wanted us too— in my opinion.

I am excited about the new program though I know I am going to be forced to make a few tweaks to my eating plan I suspect.  One “rumor” that I believe is based in fact is that my daily points allowance and my weekly points allowances will change.  One will go up and one will go down most likely.  Food point values will change.  I have heard that about 50% of the food points stayed the same with the other 50% either going up or going down, some by a little and some by a lot.  I need to shake my eating and exercise up and this is just the ticket to start a new year doing things a little differently.

I will try to keep track of all my thoughts/changes I feel myself going through each step of the way.  I want to blog here each day about my challenges and the changes I encounter.  I keep telling myself we all can use more change! (giggle)

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Weights and Balances (Year 3 Issue 16) September 16, 2015

Dear Weights and Measures Blog Reader,

I have created a short online survey about topics of interest.  If you have time your feedback would be very much appreciated.

The link to the google form survey is:  http://goo.gl/forms/OmFUi4lWiQ

September 16 2015

Thank you Cindy Crawford!

When I saw the photo below online I felt I needed to share it with you.  Why?  I feel most of us women (including myself) have unrealistic expectations of our bodies especially as we begin to age and are on journeys seeking greater health and a normal body weight.

Cindy Crawford without question is one of the most beautiful women and seemingly ageless women of my generation.  But, even she isn’t  flawless as we have seen her portrayed in magazines; she is a real women.  I do not know if she allowed the picture to surface but if she did, I want to applaud her for her confidence.  I hope she did want this pictures seen, as it gives some realism to millions of women and young girls.  Intellectually, I have known for years that pictures were air-brushed and touched up to create the illusion of perfection, but it isn’t until I see a picture like this does it really compute in my thick hard head.

I think we have all admired the glamorous women portrayed in the movies, magazines and media throughout our lives.  I recall thinking “If I could only be like them!” (beautiful, thin, rich, famous, etc.) I thought my life was missing something because I wasn’t beautiful, thin, rich or famous.  I was just plain me, plain chubby me from Indiana.  I didn’t live in New York, Paris, Los Angeles or Rome, I lived in a small town.  The most glamorous thing in our town was the General Store’s Soda Machine’s sign glowing in the darkness.  The movies and magazines were avenues of escape from the Midwest small town life.  We ALL wanted to be Farrah Fawcett, Jacquelyn Smith, Kate Jackson, Marie Osmond, Twiggy, Ann Margaret, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Ursula Andress, Kim Novack, Marlo Thomas, Yvonne Craig, Tina Louise,  Dawn Wells and countless other stars who epitomized perfection in the magazines and on the big and small screen.  Yes, I am dating myself but that is ok, I like being that “certain age.”

I suspect many of us who have looked or attempted to look (at times we can’t bear to look) at our bodies in the mirrors and  instantly thought of how much we need to change, how imperfect we are, and sadly how undeserving we are in life!  For a very long time, I was not able to look at my own body in any mirror with our without clothes without total disgust. As I got older (over 50), I started feeling better about my body and was able to look in the mirror without cringing.  When did this happen? It was not after I lost ten pounds, 50 pounds or even 100 pounds, it was before I started living a healthy lifestyle.  I do feel that change in attitude of acceptance and gratefulness is what prepared my mind and enabled me to make healthy changes in my life.  I started accepting my body how it was and kept telling myself no I am not “perfect” (and no one is!).  I was grateful for the body I had been given.  At least I had both arms, both legs, all my fingers and toes and I could walk, talk and think as there are many who do not have all their fingers, toes, legs arms and some who have cognitive limitations.  After coming to peace with my own imperfections, I realized I COULD change some things about myself and I HAD to change things about myself!    I physically felt so bad at the end of 2012/beginning of 2013, I couldn’t even without stopping walk up one flight of stairs.  Internally I knew I HAD to change or face becoming a very limited disabled  future or possibly no future at all, maybe face an early death.

After having lost over the excess weight, I look at my sagging skin and the stretch marks and sometimes find myself thinking I am not “good enough” or I am “flawed” but this picture helps me realize that I am not perfect but I am “real” and not nearly as bad my thoughts have led me to believe.  This picture gives me “hope” and “assurance” that I am more “normal” than I have ever realized! We are all supermodels! (sans the agent, the money, the stylist and the artist to photo-shop our pictures)  Thank you Cindy Crawford for being a “normal” gorgeous women who is aging with style and grace!  You are awesome! (even if you do have the agent, money, stylist and the artist to air-brush away “media-labeled” imperfections!)

Cindy Crawford

Weights and Balances (Year 2 Issue 3)- June 25, 2014

June 25 2014

Weights & Balances (Issue #48) – May 7, 2014

May 7 2014

Weights& Balances (Issue #44) – April 9, 2014

This is a little different version of the article I wrote for the blog previously about overcoming discouragement.

April  9, 2014


Attitude and Weight Loss – I Am Worth It!

If you do not believe it can and will happen; it probably won’t!  Having the right attitude before you start a lifestyle change is a key.  If your head isn’t right, your body will not follow!  Long term weight loss requires more than skipping desserts at a few meals, it means getting and maintaining a positive attitude. 

How can I boost my self-confidence?  Shed that negativity!!!  Negativity can slow or even stop your weight loss and sabotage your weight loss maintenance.  Maintaining a negative attitude will sap your motivation, leave you discouraged, having low expectations, self-loathing, hungry and ready to quit at the smallest obstacle!

  1. Why do you want to do this?  Write down all the reasons why you want to start a new healthier lifestyle pro and con.  Pro, what positives will you befit from losing excess weight?  What are you reasons for losing weight?  Con – what do you feel has held you back in the past from achieving your weight loss goals?  What obstacles do you feel you will encounter?
  2.  Set a goal.  Make your goal realistic and take your weight loss in small doses.  I look at 5 lbs. at a time as my goal; bigger than that, I feel I get overwhelmed.
  3. Start small.  Make small changes one or two a week.  Such as; drinking more water, moving 15 minutes a day, eating more vegetables, eating more fruits.  Making small changes that stick will go a long way to reaching your goals.
  4. Mentally visualize when your reach your weight loss goal.  How will you feel at your new weight?  What will you look like?  What new opportunities will there be for you with this new lifestyle?  Will you feel a sense of achievement, self-satisfaction, empowered and happiness?  You should!
  5. Respect your body.  Eliminate any “fat talk!”  What is fat talk?  Speaking negatively about your size and shape of your body!  Become aware of negative thoughts and words about your body, shape and size.  Replace them with loving self-accepting thoughts and words.  Negative words have a big impact on your weight loss progress and it is believed can even increase your stress and weaken your immune system!
  6. Find some kind of movement that gives you joy!  Incorporate movement into activities that you already enjoy.   If you love watching movies or TV shows, add some weight training while you are watching, walking/marching in place, etc.  If you love to dance, turn up the music and dance around the house while you are burning excess fat!  I like to combine cleaning and dancing sometimes it makes the vacuuming more fun!
  7. Find a weight loss partner/buddy/friend.  This is helpful for more than one reason.  Sharing your common weight loss and exercise goals is a great way to support each other and provide that extra motivation to keep going at times when it is harder.
  8. Make a list of non-scale victories that you will accomplish.  For example; wearing a smaller size, smaller BMI, lower blood pressure,  losing three inches in your waist, go sky-diving, trying out a new form of exercise, wearing a different type of clothing, improving your endurance, being able to do a plank, lower cholesterol, being able to jog/run a 5K/half marathon/marathon, fitting into a waiting room chair better, getting off certain medications, wearing a smaller belt, lower blood sugar level, sleeves fitting loser on a jacket, being able to walk a mile, etc.
  9. Treat yourself!  As you reach each small goal, find something you like/enjoy and treat yourself to it (non-food of course!).   For example, I like to get a massage every ten to fifteen pounds, good for me and great for my skin too!   I have started buying salad plates as a treat too! (Using salad plates instead of full-sized dinner plates, is a way of controlling your portions and not feeling deprived).
  10. Don’t dwell on the past, be kind to yourself!  When things do not go as you had hoped in your weight loss journey, do not shame yourself, own it and move on.  The very next meal or snack is an opportunity for making healthy choices.  Do not feel that one bad snack, meal, day or week has to derail your new lifestyle!  Keep on keeping on!
  11. Accept responsibility for yourself.  No one can do this for you, no one can exercise for you, no one can make you eat anything you do not wish to eat….only you can make those good decisions.  No one can make you follow the plan or count points, you have to work it out!
  12. Nothing is off-limits, know and respect your limits!  If you know cookies or potato chips are foods that “trigger” you to eat too much or binge, it is simple AVOID those foods until you have more control over yourself.  Think of food as fuel.  You want to only put high quality fuel in your body.  Avoid lower quality food sources.  Choose lean protein, whole fruits and vegetables and limit processed foods.

This entry today started out to be on the topic of thankfulness, which is also a positive way of living!  Keeping an attitude of thankfulness/gratefulness is a another key to this voyage. 

There are no short cuts (machines/shots/pills/diets) to reaching a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle.   Each meal/snack/workout contributes to your success.  Make them all count!  Keep a positive outlook and keep the positive self-talk going!  You are worth it! You can and will do it!

This is something I created at the beginning of my voyage earlier this year.

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