Happy Measurement Day aka Happy 1st day of the month!

I get really happy when I see that we are getting ready to have a new month begin these days.  Why?  I take my measurements every first day of the new month.  I wish I had begun this a year ago, but thrilled I started on June 1st of 2013.  Before I know it, I will have a years’ worth of data to see how much I have reduced in space volume!

If you are trying to reduce the amount of excess weight on your body, I highly recommend that you start off taking measurements at the very beginning of your process.   I take measurements for:  my upper arm, my thigh, my waist, my bust and my hips.  You might want to add a neck calf measurement to the list as well.

When the scale doesn’t seem to be moving, these measurements will keep you from getting too down.  Often when the scale isn’t moving, the inches are coming off!   You can measure success with the scale, measuring tape and how your clothes fit/feel.

Even if the scale and the measuring tape are being stubborn and do not show a loss, know that you have given your best and you are doing/eating this new way because you love YOU!

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