Weights and Balances (Year 5 Issue 51) August 22, 2018

August 22 2018 Year 5 Issue 51


Weights and Balances (Year 4 Issue 40) March 1, 2017


Weights and Balances (Year 3 Issue 33) January 13, 2016

January 13 2016c

Planning for Success (aka I was on vacation)

Last week I was on vacation and when you are trying to be healthy that can be a disaster in the making!  You are away from your home, your routine and often some of your accountability factors.  I felt I was successful on my vacation because I kept focus on healthy choices!  Circumstances can either make or break you.  I managed to lose 1.8 lbs. while being on vacation, more on that later!

What I felt I was facing on my vacation:  being with extended family, being away from home, not knowing what foods were going to be available and having not been out of my own environment since I started Weight Watchers back in January.   The first thing I did was to research the resort online and found out they had a fitness center—YAY!  I knew I could go work out on site.  Yay!  The resort was located at the beach and one thing I enjoy is walking on the beach!  Yay!  The sand provides that extra resistance, stretch and bends that my muscles need.  Double Yay!  I next researched what was close by the resort and found it was about half way between two large Wal-Marts a Super Target, , and a Publix.  Triple yay!  Since we were staying in a timeshare, cooking was an option at all times!  This made me feel a little bit more in control of what I could/would eat when I was there.

The next challenge to face was a six-hour car drive.   I had not driven over an hour at a time in a few years.   I knew that I was going to get hungry so I needed to explore what I could take in the car with me.  Bottled water is always a great option and a couple sodas in case of stomach upset.  The drink selection are covered.  Snacks, oh now this could get tricky! I ADORE salty food, I ADORE sweet food so I know restraint was the key here.  Grapes, apples and a few assorted snacks would round out the planned snacks.

With planning for the time there and the drive to and from, I felt I was ready to face the vacation!  I will admit I was nervous but yet looking forward to the challenge.  I knew if I could be successful on this vacation that my upcoming cruise vacation would not be as daunting as I had built it up to be.  But, with a cruise vacation, you are not cooking your own food BUT you do control what goes into your mouth!

The first challenge came on the drive about lunch time; I knew we had to stop for a few reasons.  One which was I needed to stretch my legs, two, I was hungry and three nature was calling!  Face it, on the road the only places you are going to find are not the best choices.  We made our first lunch stop at a Burger King.  I chose a regular hamburger (6 points plus) and a small diet soda.  I knew I wanted to eat something but not a lot of something with lots more driving ahead.  Lunch was reasonable.  I was happy and did not feel miserable and overstuffed as we continued our trek northward!

The second challenge came after we arrived.  With the seven hour drive behind me, I was very hungry.  We all discussed the various places close by and chose Olive Garden, which is one of my personal favorites but can be a disaster for unhealthy eating if you are not cautious!  I ordered the salad for the group, no croutons, dressing on the side and I would like some balsamic vinegar and olive oil.   Whew that worked!  With no croutons and the salad not drowned in their dressing which was cutting out many of my concerns!   I knew that infamous bread basket was going to hit the table as well.   Major red flags with bread for me! I ADORE their bread sticks!  I told myself I could have one which was 4 points plus all by itself!   Still not wanting to eat anything  to “heavy” I chose a bowl of the pasta e fagioli soup.  Each delicious bowl of what I affectionately call “Italian Chili” is only three points plus. Yay me!  I knew I could have two bowls of the soup and one bread stick and still not “blow” my points for the day.   Day one down and no disaster yet! Victory!

Day two, time to hit the beach!  I did a 3 mile walk on the beach, yay me for being active!  After having sat in a car for seven hours, walking felt exceptionally great!   Eating on day two was very easy to manage. I made good choices for lunch and dinner as we ate in for the day so I could control my portions very easily.

Day three was the day to check out the fitness center!  I did a full body workout with warm up and cool down, recorded each exercise I did with weight and number of repetitions on my phone to email to my trainers.   I also visited several shops and stores in the area and walked up and down the aisles a bunch!  Yay for me!

Day four was more walking and we were all going out to dinner and meeting up with another group of family friends.   The friends had selected a small place (none of us had any input) called Skampy’s and it was awesome!  Fresh caught jumbo shrimp…fried with all the trimmings!  I even tried battered and deep-fried dill pickle slices which to my surprise were delicious!  Fried foods are not on my everyday eat list so I feel to indulge once in a while is not going to hurt my weight loss.  Besides, I think it is a good idea to give your weekly eating a “bump” out of the ordinary to keep your body “guessing” at what is coming next!

Day five was back out on the road to come home and I knew I was not eating breakfast before starting the trip home as there was a long stretch of very few places to stop for nature’s call.  So, I got really hungry in the car and sipped on some water and had a few salty chips.  I was happy when we reached Perry as I knew it was a large enough town for an assortment of eating places.  We stopped for lunch at a Kentucky Fried Chicken. I know I do not have fried foods on a regular basis but the Colonel was calling my name!  I will admit one of my “treats” is a combo meal from Kentucky Fried Chicken , with their boneless skinless original in white meat with green beans and the classic mashed potatoes and gravy and I toss the biscuit!  Yes it is a 13 points plus splurge but one I really enjoy and look forward to though not every week!   Without having had breakfast, that meal went down pretty easily.   I will also admit that I had to make a couple of not regularly planned nature calling stops but it was all good.

Day six I had gotten to sleep back in my own bed and when I got up I checked the scale which registered exactly what I had weighed when I left on Monday morning!  I was THRILLED after two “treats” and I didn’t gain anything, it was another victory for me!  I knew I was going to go walking and have another workout with my trainers before my Wednesday weigh in, so I was pushing for more success.

When I weighed this morning I weighed 1.8 lbs. less than I had weighed on the day I left for vacation, so I call that victory!  I planned for some splurges on my vacation.  I am happy it worked out that the splurges were not so huge they destroyed my progress and set me backwards.  I was prepared to see a gain on the scale, but happy that it did not happen.

Do not be fearful of an occasional splurge but do not let it become a regular occurrence!