What a Difference TODAY Makes!

When I began my Weight Watchers journey in January of 2013, who would have thought that I would have ended up on Local and National Television talking about my 135 plus pound weight loss!!! Not me! I would have asked you what you on or taking or drinking!  I was blessed to have this amazing experience on May 18, 2015.  Though I was in my Halloween Costume from 1984 which were my high school colors I had lots of fun. (pictures below) Many said I looked like a high school kid beside Kathie Lee, Hoda and Joy! I felt like a kid as I was in flat tennis shoes and they were all in very tall stiletto heels!  The night before the show I started panicking in my head thinking what if I look like a huge elephant beside those small ladies, now isn’t that funny? LOL

What a fabulous once in a lifetime experience!  I proudly told about my former weight and my current weight and that I had done all my weight loss being over 50 years old!  The old jokes are there are two things women never tell, their age and their weight and I did both on national television, it was an empowering experience!  I hope that my story gave someone hope that they could turn their health around and get healthy at any age!

In my opinion, to become a member of the Joy Fit Club and appear LIVE on the Today Show with Joy Bauer, Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford was the “Super Bowl/World Series/Stanley Cup/Triple Crown/Indy 500/World Cup/Grand Slam” of weight loss!!!  And a cool bonus, I got to meet and talk with Dean Cain and he knows about the USF Bulls!  I have enjoyed his acting back to the Lois and Clark days and most recently his many Hallmark movies.

Now, where to go from there?  There are a few other things that have not been published yet that I am very excited about as well.  The Today Show appearance has opened a few doors for me to speak about my weight loss at Weight Watchers Meetings but also to be interviewed and filmed to create training films for professional Weight Loss Counselors and the videos will also be used at Penn State in classes for counselors to learn about counseling on weight loss.  It has given me the confidence to start writing a book.   It gave me a better perspective on my breast cancer diagnosis. (more about that later!) It seems more of a learning tool and helped me to feel I can turn it into something positive for others through sharing my experience.  2015 has been quite a year and it isn’t over yet!  I have another project I am working on creating a proposal for another project to help others with my experiences as well.   If 2015 is any indicator 2016 should be an awesome year too!


Top Photo – Me with Wrangler at the Today Show, he is a very cute guy!  He loved my mom too! Did I say he has great taste?

Next Below, me on Tampa’s NBC affiliate News Channel 8 (pre today show appearance) (WFLA Tampa New Channel 8 interviewed by Melanie Michael)  Not planned but I had a bunch of bananas I had picked up at Publix that morning on the way to work! LOL

Next below, the group shot with Hoda, Kathie Lee, Joy and Almetria Turner (the other Joy Fit Club Member who was on the segment with me, amazing woman!)

Next, Joy Bauer and me doing the “GO BULLS” symbol in the Orange Room post show!

Next below, Me being interviewed post Today Show by Rod Carter, News Channel 8 in the Orange Room.

Bottom, Dean Cain and I in the Orange room prior to being on the show.  What a cool BONUS!

Very bottom, the picture that caught the eye of the NBC producers.  Me in my Halloween costume in 1984 and again in 2014, thirty years later!

Lora Wrangler 05182015 Lora WFLA 05132015 today show 05182015

Joy Lora 05182015

Lora Rod 05182015Lora Dean Cain 05182015


Lora Halloween 1984 2014