Chart on the Benefits of Walking

This chart was compiled using many online sources of information and putting them into one handy chart.  Need a reason or two to get up and start moving?  The health benefits of walking should encourage you to get up and get out there!

June 22 2016 Chart Supplement


An Unexpected 9/11 Remembrance….Did I wake up in Baghdad this morning?

Today on my normal morning walk with my dog, we heard the haunting sounds of the chanting coming from the Islamic Mosque which is located about two miles away.  At first, I didn’t know what it was and nor where is was coming.   As I continued to walk and listen, I heard the chant/singing with a sub track sounds of a dog in crying or in some kind of distress which caused both me and my dog to stop fast our tracks.  Out of the darkness these haunting sounds rang out and then fell silent.  We proceeded with our walk and noticed it was stop and then start again.  In 2 years of walking daily I have never heard this ever before!  Why today I asked myself.  What is special about today?

Inside I felt a sense of anger as this was seemingly being blasted into the neighborhood over loud speakers and only 2 days after remembering 9/11!!!  I was angered and offended at the same time.  My peaceful time of prayer and meditation was replaced with anger and sadness of the memory of 9/11.   All the memories came flooding back, of sitting in my office that Tuesday morning and hearing the news that a “small” plane appeared to have hit the world trade center.  Who would have thought, that 30 minutes later we would all be out of our offices and glued to the tv screens located in the halls watching the course of American history changed forever.

Thursday night, fourteen years later I was again reduced to tears remembering the events of that day.  On Friday I wore a patriotic shirt in honor of the victims of 9/11.   I managed to get through Friday without a great deal of emotion but still having a sense of sadness.  Now, two days later, I was plunged back to all those memories.

About halfway through our walk, a gentle slow rain began to fall.  I thought of the rain as God’s tears trying to soothe thoughts and emotions.  My thoughts turned to the tears of the all the families who were touched and ravaged because of the events of 9/11.   Who would have thought fourteen years later, out walking my dog in a normally very quiet neighborhood I would be again taken back to 9/11?

Yes, indeed life was as we know it was changed.  I remember.  Those chants reminded me again of those events.  My thoughts and prayers were focused on the victims of 9/11 and those who died in the mosque accident in Mecca.  My life changed and so has my neighborhood.

911 World Trade Center