Weights and Balances – A Weekly Electronic Newsletter

Why a newsletter?

I started “Weight and Balances” in June 2013 as my way of keeping focused on my weight loss goals and new lifestyle.  I send out new editions every Wednesday morning and have gotten lots of positive feedback on it.  I am always open to topic suggestions and ways of making my little newsletter better!

The Name

I chose “Weights and Balances” because that seemed to reflect me and my journey.  The “scale” is often the first measurement of success when changing your lifestyle and the way you eat.  The ‘balance’ part is there are other measurements of success we should use in our journey too such as; the measuring tape, how we feel, how we look, our BMI and body fat composition measurements. Not everyone has access to every one of those tools but can be very useful in your new lifestyle to see success from every angle!

The Weight Loss Stars Report

I have friends who have joined me as Weight Loss Stars Report which  is sent along with each newsletter.  Each week I report me and friends progress in their new lifestyle choices.  Everyone has a nickname except for me.  I do not mind people knowing how I am doing with my choices.


Sometimes the best points can be made with just a little humoristic slant to it.  Humor goes a long way in getting me to see things more clearly.   It gets your attention! So why not use it!


I have written all the articles in the newsletter and is my original work and I would ask you to treat it as such.  Borrow as you like, but please give me credit.


I have “borrowed” graphics from many places and in no way claim them to be original to me.  If the graphics came with identifiers, I have left them intact.  I have created a few of my own graphics and use them from time to time.

Topics/Subscribing to “Weights and Balances”

Suggestions are always welcome.  I have a list of topics that I write about on my lunch hours or post-work hours.  Feel free to email me ideas at:  lora@weightsandbalances.com  If you wish to subscribe to my weekly newsletter, you can send your name and email address to this email as well:  lora@weightsandbalances.com

I hope you enjoy the issues of the newsletters that I share here on my blog!

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